Mazda Revs Up Payments with Mollie Partnership


Automaker giant Mazda Motor Europe has inked a partnership deal with a new payments provider

Mazda’s multi-year agreement with Mollie will provide the automaker’s new online marketplace platform with a simplified payment experience.

With Connect for Platforms, a new solution for online SaaS and marketplace platforms, Mazda will be able to scale new products that require a world-class commercial infrastructure.

Connect for Platforms allows businesses to create an online platform that facilitates purchases and payments between buyers and sellers. Mazda utilizes this solution for marketplaces to guarantee that a consumer or national sales company’s payment goes to the correct regional dealer.

Matthias Sileghem, VP customer experience, communications and public affairs at Mazda Motor Europe, said, “As we roll out our marketplace offering across the UK and ultimately throughout Europe, the simple, localized and transparent solutions that Mollie offers, allows us to remain focused on our growth and our customers.”