Mercaux Announces Fluid POS


Mercaux has announced an extension of its in-store suite to include Next Generation point of sale (POS).

The arrival introduces decomposed basket and checkout layers, resulting in a “fluid, flexible and fast checkout process.”

Mercaux’s fully composable, cloud-based and API-first solution provides a frictionless authentication, cross-channel basket transfer and checkout experience for customers, according to the in-store experience platform.

The Next Generation POS will allow customers to start their checkout journey in one channel (in-store, online or remotely), pick it up in another, and complete however they want.

This is enabled via Mercaux’s ‘universal basket’ that follows the customer wherever they go and supports the rise in popularity of customers who research online, purchase offline (ROPO), or those wanting to use modern payment methods including BNPL, anywhere.

In addition, by deploying a “composable vs monolithic” platform, retailers now have the freedom to control how they transform their business and the flexibility to work with other Next Generation solutions of their choice.

Speaking of the announcement, Mercaux co-founder and chief executive Olga Kotsur said, “By extending our in-store experience platform through basket and checkout, we are helping retail to take advantage of the agility and speed in which the industry can evolve to meet the heightened demands of the customer.”

“This is an incredibly exciting development, finally allowing retailers to offer an entirely frictionless cross-channel experience and checkout process for their customers.”

“With the pain of legacy removed, retailers can facilitate new omnichannel service models, understand true customer journeys and leverage online and payment innovations in-store – all leading to tangible top-line benefits.”