Mercaux Taps Commercetools To Increase Omnichannel Offering


Retail technology provider Mercaux has partnered with commercetools to launch “Universal Baskets”.

Universal baskets are shopping carts that can be created in one online or offline channel, saved to a customer’s digital profile and accessed in another online or offline channel to continue shopping before checking out using any payment method.

The new fluid basket transfer and checkout method are made possible through both platforms facilitating decomposed architectures and making integration for new customers quick and easy through API connectors. 

“We are excited to be working closely with a fellow composable leader in the retail space,” Mercaux CEO Olga Kotsur said.

“Our joint principles provide the right backdrop for the launch of Universal Baskets, bringing a much-needed opportunity for greater customer journey transparency to retailers and an improved shopping experience to customers.”

Universal baskets will offer customers a more frictionless omnichannel shopping experience, Mercaux claimed.

The new feature will also allow retailers to analyze attribution models throughout the full path-to-purchase, from the creation of a wish list or basket to the accessing of this in subsequent online and in-store visits, right the way through to the eventual checkout.

Retailers will be able to assess the performance of online and in-store teams in a single purchase to help inform future omnichannel strategies.

On the partnership, commercetools global director Christopher Holley said: “It is fantastic to find a partner with a similar ethos to our own who is creatively blending the in-store and online checkout experience.

“Mercaux’s mission to bring agile and flexible solutions to the market that retailers can deploy quickly and easily to react to changing customer demands and new service models greatly align with our thinking at commercetools.

“Through this partnership, commercetools and Mercaux will leverage their expertise in providing exemplary retail experiences and focus on bringing the best of digital in-store, and vice versa.”