Mitgo Launches Takeads, A Privacy-First Advertising Platform


Completely cookieless, it delivers targeted ads using zero personal information or behavioural tracking data.

Mitgo, a player in the MarTech and AdTech markets, has launched Takeads, a privacy-first and entirely cookieless platform that brings a user-centric approach to native advertising.

Mitgo began working on its native advertising offering five years ago. Now launched, Takeads – a privacy-first native advertising platform – will take advantage of both of these important market shifts.

Takeads is one of the first global native advertising networks to be truly privacy-centric. Completely cookieless, it delivers targeted ads using zero personal information or behavioural tracking data. Takeads’ analytical algorithm is based on content analysis, not user data. It analyses text, links and photos within a website and its subpages and accurately targets site visitors with native advertising messages in ad formats corresponding to the content itself.

“Behavioural targeting and ad profiling based on personal interests are definitely out of step with modern privacy standards,” said Paweł Mazurek, a digital marketing and advertising expert with 20 years of experience in the field and Head of Takeads at Mitgo.

“With Takeads, we will move users away from irritating, content-disrupting advertising and reach a native advertising Zen state, where content and ads work together, reaching relevant users in relevant times and places, raising only interest, awareness and positive reactions. All that while respecting users privacy and being in-line with newest regulations”.

Takeads’ goal is to eliminate intrusive advertising formats, replacing them with native, content-relevant advertising messages that match a given user’s interests at a given moment.

“Rather than brute-forcing customers with flashy ads to get their attention, Takeads gently invites them into the brand conversation,” said Pawel Mazurek.

Takeads is currently active in more than 10 countries across three continents and services more than 35,000 publishing websites and 120,000 advertising offers.

“The native advertising market is growing, and we intend to provide a valuable service for advertisers outside of Affiliate Marketing and give large sites and search services an opportunity to boost revenues while taking a privacy-first approach,” said Alexander Bachmann, CEO of Mitgo.