Muffato Launches Brazil’s First Automated Store


Brazilian supermarket chain Muffato has launched its first automated store – Muffato Go

The new store provides a friction-free shopping experience without queues, self-scanning, or any form of physical checkout and uses Sensei’s AI platform for the first time outside of Europe.

Shoppers simply download Muffato’s app, which generates a QR code that enables them to enter the store, pick up their items and leave.

A network of sensors provides the input Sensei’s AI needs to keep track of the items each customer selects and returns throughout the 250-square-meter store. Shoppers are charged automatically for the products they take when they leave the store. As part of Sensei’s privacy safeguards, customers’ identities remain anonymous while they shop.


Data gathered by Sensei is provided in real-time to inform Muffato’s store operations optimization, stock-out detections and misplaced items and inventory management decisions.

Everton Muffato, CEO Muffato Group, said: “Our new Muffato Go store is a huge step forward for Brazil’s supermarket industry. Sensei’s groundbreaking technology allows Muffato Group to deliver one of the world’s most modern and innovative shopping experiences and frees more team members to help customers around the store.”