Nayax Introduces POS Tool To Convert Virtual Assets To Currency


Nayax Ltd. has introduced CoinBridge — a solution for the conversion of virtual assets, including customer rewards, points, gift cards, vouchers, cashback, payout and others to real currency at any shop or website which accepts credit cards, according to a press release.

CoinBridge’s initial focus is on the retail and loyalty club markets, offering a solution for increasing their consumers’ financial freedom and satisfaction by enabling the redemption of rewards, points, and gift cards at any store or website worldwide, without the need for any sort of integration with merchants or points of sale.

By using CoinBridge, customers and loyalty club members can now pay at any point of sale device using their existing mobile app via a tap-and-go experience — much like Apple Pay or Google Wallet — as well as online, by typing in a unique credit card number assigned by CoinBridge to each customer prior to every transaction.

In addition, CoinBridge provides retailers with transaction data and insights to better understand customer behavior and to further personalize propositions to their customers and members, as well as to optimize their business.