New Relic Adds Infinite Tracing for Browser, Mobile, and Serverless Applications


New Relic, the observability company, launched a major update to New Relic Infinite Tracing; it’s a fully managed trace solution that can analyze 100% of customer tracing data for rapid performance bottleneck isolation. The launch includes two major innovations that help engineering teams across the globe.

First, front-end and full-stack developers can now analyze distributed traces generated by the browser, mobile, and serverless applications and their back-end services for full-stack visibility.

Second, customers in the US, Europe, Asia, and Australia can use in-region trace observers – key in-region edge services that enable Infinite Tracing – to access the capability at low cloud egress costs while meeting region-specific compliance requirements. New Relic customers on Pro and Enterprise plans can get started for no additional charge. The capabilities are included with the all-in-one New Relic observability platform with predictable and straightforward usage-based pricing.

According to O’Reilly’s Microservices Adoption report, more than 60% of software developers and architects are switching from monoliths to microservices to deliver better customer experiences faster. While this approach provides teams with greater flexibility and faster code deployments, it also introduces significant complexity by incorporating new dependencies, diverse frameworks, and deployment mechanisms for hundreds to thousands of microservices.

This increased complexity makes it much more difficult for engineers to find and diagnose performance bottlenecks in their systems – head-based sampling solutions for distributed tracing randomly select traces to be analyzed, leaving important signals undiscovered. New Relic Infinite Tracing addresses this challenge by delivering a tail-based sampling solution that allows customers to send 100% of their trace data and decide which traces to retain after all spans have been analyzed.

“I am proud that we continue to deliver for our customers with more options and capabilities for Infinite Tracing,” said Alex Kroman, SVP, and Product GM, Observability at New Relic. “By expanding the service to new regions and supporting tail-based sampling for browser, mobile, and serverless traces – in addition to application traces – we are helping our customers worldwide to quickly and cost-effectively isolate failures and performance issues, enabling them to deliver world-class customer experiences consistently.”
New enhancements and benefits of New Relic Infinite Tracing include:
EU & APAC Availability: Access to New Relic Infinite Tracing is now available to all European Union and Asia-Pacific customers. Customers can send all their traces to a regional service to decide what data to send to New Relic. This ensures customers have a low egress cost for tail-based sampling while also addressing regional compliance requirements.

Browser, Mobile, and Serverless Support: View traces from the entire software stack with support for browser, mobile, and AWS Lambda. Front-end developers and cloud architects can now specify the browser, mobile, or serverless traces they care about and never miss a trace again.

Instant All-in-One Access: All current New Relic customers on Pro or Enterprise plans can set up New Relic Infinite Tracing in minutes with no additional changes to their existing contract. New customers can get started with distributed tracing for free by creating a new account without entering a credit card.