NFL Developing In-House Streaming Service


A National Football League (NFL) direct-to-consumer (DTC) subscription streaming service is “under consideration”, the league’s chief media and business officer Brian Rolapp has confirmed.

Rolapp confirmed that as the NFL’s mobile rights are currently without a distribution partner, the league is looking into creating its own streaming service. This new platform will also include radio, podcasts and team content.

“The theme here is that over the next couple of years, you’re going to see the NFL get into direct-to-consumer in a much bigger way,” Rolapp said.

The league is looking at a service costing subscribers in the region of US$5 a month, though The Athletic notes that is a hypothetical figure at this stage.

The NFL has previously streamed games, which were available in-market, on mobile and other devices, including via the Yahoo Sports app. The deal with the Verizon-owned company has now expired, leaving the league looking for a solution to distribute games via mobile, tablet and laptop in time for the new season.