Nonius Acquires Criton To Expand Its Hotel Mobile Solutions and Market Presence


Hotel technology solution provider Nonius has acquired technology provider Criton, which ranks as the UK’s largest provider of guest apps for independent hotels.

Combining Criton with GuestU, Nonius’s mobile solution will enable the merged companies to serve better a market that has grown exponentially since the pandemic hit in 2020.

Headquartered in Portugal, Nonius was founded in 2005 and serves over 3,950 hotels worldwide with internet access, network management, interactive TV, digital signage, voice and more recently they have significantly added to their GuestU platform, as market demand for mobile solutions continues to grow. GuestU leverages the Nonius integrations hub, which enables hotels to access multiple integrations within one app and offer their guests an in-depth digital experience.

Criton was founded in 2016 and provided white-labeled guest apps to over 300 locations, including hotels and serviced apartments. The company differentiates itself by building its solutions and tailoring them to its clients. This was key to building a highly competitive offer for the contactless Safer Guest Journey during the global pandemic.

To date, the company has raised approximately $6.5 million in funding.

The pandemic reportedly saw significant growth in demand for Criton’s product as hotels grappled with how they could meet guest demand for contactless solutions allowing speedier check-in, use of a mobile key which allows guests to go directly to their room and mobile ordering.

The combined mobile business unit will reportedly serve 700 hotels and serviced apartments worldwide.

“At Nonius, we have spent the past 17 years building and scaling a business that provides solutions to the global hospitality sector,” said Antonio Silva CEO and Co-Founder of Nonius. “We have been watching Criton’s growth in the market with interest over the past five years and we are delighted that we have been able to agree on terms to acquire Criton. Since its inception, Criton has grown an inspiring client list and we are now starting to implement our plan to fully integrate our platforms to create a world-leading offering from which hoteliers and their guests can benefit. In Criton, we have found a business with a similar customer ethic and this acquisition gives Nonius an excellent customer base within the UK from which to continue to scale.”

“I… believe that together, our products will deliver exactly what hoteliers and their guests want, simple and effective mobile solutions bringing much-needed digital transformation to a sector that has a challenging technology landscape and has been significantly impacted over the past 2 years of the pandemic,” said Julie Grieve, Founder and CEO of Criton, who will reportedly continue on as Director. “Since starting Criton we have always taken a customer-first approach, I am hugely proud of all we have achieved and I firmly believe this merger will create a world-leading mobile service allowing hoteliers to embrace the digital service their guests are demanding.”