NOS Taps OpenVault to Improve Broadband Customer Experience


Portugal’s largest communications and entertainment provider, NOS, has tapped OpenVault’s Profile Management Application (PMA) technology to enhance its customer experience for broadband subscribers.

NOS will deploy the tech company’s OV PMA product to boost the performance of its broadband network and to increase network capacity. The launch is planned for 2024 and will be followed by several months of extensive technical implementation and field trials by the two companies.

OpenVault’s PMA was developed to leverage the programmable PHY layer to increase the usable capacity in DOCSIS 3.1 networks. Based on real-world impaired plant conditions, it is designed to increase the amount of data that can be transferred on an OFDM(A) channel in a given amount of time.

The technology optimises modulation profiles used by DOCSIS 3.1 cable modems on OFDM(A) channels. It then routinely monitors and adjusts these profiles based on changing RF impairments. According to the tech outfit, this results in improvement of up to 40% in overall network capacity and bolsters the resilience of DOCSIS 3.1 modems, particularly in the presence of impairments.

“At NOS, we choose partners who share our commitment to network quality,” said Paulo Ribeiro, Director, Engineering for NOS. “Our partnership with OpenVault is helping us deliver the best possible experience to our broadband customers by adapting the configuration to the field conditions, dramatically improving higher connection speeds for many of our subscribers and significantly increasing network capacity.”

“NOS has been a leader since Day One in recognising how PMA can improve network capacity and resiliency,” said Tony Costa, CTO of OpenVault. “Their expertise, their collaborative approach, and their focus on achieving optimal subscriber experiences all helped us streamline deployment that ultimately will result in greater subscriber satisfaction.”