Odeeo, Oracle Moat Partner To Enable Audio Ads During Gameplay


Odeeo, the tech company aiming to improve the in-game user experience by enabling audio ads during gameplay, announced an integration with Oracle Moat, part of Oracle Advertising and Customer Experience (CX), to offer in-game audio ads verification and audibility measurement.

Odeeo provides audio advertisers with the opportunity to break out of audio-first environments – like podcasts, music streaming, or even radio – and for the first time, reach a diverse and untapped audience at scale via mobile games. When advertisers run campaigns, measurement and verification are crucial in building trust, especially when exploring new and innovative formats such as Odeeo’s audio ads.

Odeeo’s integration with Oracle Moat provides an independent and impartial verification solution to validate that audio ads have been served into the mobile game and that ads are audible. Collaborating with Oracle Moat, Odeeo has access to the measurement and marketing analytics suite designed to help advertisers, publishers, and platforms, measure media performance.

The collaboration will allow advertisers to use the Oracle Moat platform to review Odeeo’s campaign performance metrics and ensure they understand the impact of their audio ads for maximizing awareness, reach, and overall effectiveness. Odeeo and Oracle Moat will continue to collaborate to define the standards for audibility in general and in-game audio ads in particular.

“Our collaboration with Oracle Moat adds an extra layer of verification in addition to our internal traffic quality assurance tools. This will provide our advertisers with better accuracy, increased efficiency, and control over their audio ad quality for the first time. Every advertiser who works with us will now be able to access important measurement metrics from their Oracle Moat dashboard,” said Liat Barer, Vice President of Product at Odeeo. “Since our network is based solely on direct and SDK-based partnerships with publishers, we executed this integration with Oracle Moat using IAB’s Open Measurement SDK (OM SDK). This will be the first time the OM SDK is used for audibility measurement, and we are very excited to be the first company offering this solution.”

Mark Kopera, Head of Product at Oracle Moat, added, “Oracle’s collaboration with Odeeo enables advertisers to measure whether an audio ad has been served to a human in a mobile game and if the ad is audible. With advertisers investing in in-game advertising at exponential rates, they must have the tools needed to confidently reach their desired audiences and measure the overall effectiveness of their ad campaigns.”