ON24 Engagement And Conversion Data Now Available In HubSpot


Link ON24 first-person data and insights to contacts in HubSpot to inform and trigger the next best actions across sales and marketing.

ON24 announced the availability of engagement and conversation data from the ON24 platform in HubSpot, a leading CRM platform for scaling companies. This builds upon the previous integration of ON24 registrant and attendee profiles, campaign information, and event details in HubSpot. In just under six months since ON24 was listed in the HubSpot App Marketplace, more than 75 customers have implemented ON24 with HubSpot. With ON24 first-person data and engagement insights available in HubSpot, sales and marketing can uncover more opportunities to drive personalized interactions and better qualify leads for sales and marketing follow-up.

“ON24 and HubSpot give organizations a complete view of all their prospect and customer-facing activities across sales and marketing,” said Scott Brinker, VP of platform ecosystem at HubSpot. “Customers can link their ON24 engagement and conversion data to contacts in HubSpot and make it actionable to deliver the right interaction at the right time with their buyers.”

ON24 and HubSpot are helping sales and marketing shift from manual handoffs to automating the next best actions with prospects and customers. First-person engagement and intent data captured during ON24 digital experiences such as demo requests, meetings booked, content downloaded, poll responses, and questions asked automatically flow into HubSpot to inform and trigger actions for sales and marketing teams.

“With ON24 data in HubSpot, customers can have visibility of their engaged contacts and activities in HubSpot,” said Kris Jenkins, global head of strategic alliances and business development at ON24. “Now HubSpot users can use their audience engagement data in ON24 to connect the right messages with their buyers and better understand the marketing activities creating sales opportunities.”

In other news, ON24 announced the latest ON24 platform innovations and new account-based marketing (ABM) capabilities for sales and marketing to drive greater personalization with buyers.