Open Meta And Protocon Developed An NFT Platform


Open Meta is a web3 company that designs and creates software to enable game developers to work within the open metaverse. The public blockchain project known as Protocon made the announcement that it will be forming a strategic relationship with Open Meta.

The parties declared their mutual interest in developing a metaverse NFT platform in the strategic business agreement (MOU) that they had entered into with one another. This platform would enable people all over the world to experience and enjoy a variety of metaverse content.

Open Meta City is a private real estate platform within the metaverse that is managed by Open Meta Co., Ltd. Since its start in January, Open Meta has had great success in selling 106,00 apartment units, which are spread across 10 distinct neighborhoods in Seoul. The platform gives any prospective purchaser the ability to register for a real unit subscription within a metaverse setting; as of the month of June, it recorded a competition ratio of 6,000 to 1.

As part of the partnership, Protocon will integrate its blockchain technology with Open Meta’s metaverse platform

This will result in the creation of a fresh and cutting-edge environment in which users from all over the world will have access to a wide range of metaverse materials. In addition, the parties came to an agreement that they would provide technical assistance and advice in the process of establishing the NFT trading platform, as well as move forward with cooperative marketing efforts to promote the platform.

“We are thrilled to be working together with Protocon on the Metaverse project as a partner and collaborator. According to Heejong Park, CEO of Open Meta, “the outstanding performance of blockchain technology and the business development capability of Protocon will make it possible for users all over the world to communicate in a digital environment that is always on.”

“Protocon has proven the excellence of its technical solutions in the market,” said Myung-san Jun, the CEO of Protocon. “Protocon has sequentially released yellow papers on ‘Contract Model,’ which is an alternative to the smart contract, and ‘Fact Hash,’ which is a technology that securely connects heterogenous blockchains,” he added. Our collaboration with Open Meta is an important step toward realizing our goal of developing a blockchain-based metaverse platform on a worldwide scale.