OpenX Announces First Programmatic Horizon Media Blu.ID Integration


Unique Partnership enables advertisers to activate proprietary audiences across the OpenX Platform

OpenX Technologies, an omnichannel sell-side platform, announced a new element of their partnership with Horizon Media — a direct integration of the agency’s blu.ID with the OpenX platform. This first-of-its-kind integration offers agencies and brands a path to easily activate custom and first-party audiences, including Horizon’s blu segments in OpenX inventory through supply-side targeting. The direct integration dramatically improves match rates, efficiency, and transparency for brands across CTV, mobile, and web environments.

“We have invested significant resources in blu.ID to provide a holistic identity framework and a full picture of the consumer journey. The ability to directly integrate our proprietary data offering allows us to drive targeting and measurement consistency across campaigns. We chose OpenX as our first programmatic direct integration partner because of their turnkey OpenAudience infrastructure that delivers higher match rates and fewer hops as a supply-side platform,” said Laura McElhinney, EVP, Chief Data Officer at Horizon Media. “With their CarbonNeutral certified, 100 per cent cloud-based technology, our advertisers now have a secure and effective path to activate their audiences while also reducing their carbon footprint. With such sophisticated and transparent identity capabilities, OpenX provides a differentiated supply-side targeting opportunity that points to the future of programmatic.”

The partnership goes above and beyond SPO, enabling same-day audience delivery and easy deal setup to get deals live faster. This direct integration also ensures higher match rates, so advertisers can activate more of their audience, increasing the scale and accuracy of every campaign. With superior security and privacy, buyers see higher fidelity and reduced data loss. Integration also provides log-level reporting for advertisers for the most accurate measurement and optimisation

“Our integration with Horizon’s blu.ID delivers a fast, accurate, and transparent identity-based offering, which helps advertisers dramatically increase performance. Supply-side targeting is the future of programmatic advertising, delivering higher match rates with a more direct path for marketers to activate their audiences. We’re excited that OpenAudience’s interoperable infrastructure and data capabilities allow Horizon to amplify their own data and identity investments through direct integration on the supply side. We look forward to leading the charge and enabling agency partners like Horizon to more effectively reach their audiences in CTV, web, and mobile environments,” said Brian Chisholm SVP of Strategic Partnerships at OpenX.