Oracle Releases Major Fusion Sales CRM Update, Facelift


The new interface for the sales automation suite is available to users.

A long list of new features are included in the new UX, including artificial intelligence-driven content recommendations, “guided processes” that steer salespersons to close deals faster, and the ability for users to set up automated quotes and proposals.

Many technology vendors, including Microsoft, are working on digital workspaces where sales teams can converse with their customers in the B2B world.

The deal rooms in Microsoft Viva Sales and the Slack digital sales tools differ from the digital sales rooms in Oracle. Paul Greenberg is the managing principal of The 56 Group. He said the Microsoft Viva Sales deal rooms align employee experience with sales.

“Oracle’s might be the strongest of the three, but each of them has its own value.” Each of them has a weakness. They aren’t intended to be shots across the bow of competitors. Each of them is designed to have a capability that their customers need, even if they haven’t seen it before.

In order to make Fusion Sales more usable, the interface must be clean. Data-driven artificial intelligence can help distributed sales teams succeed by showing them which opportunities to focus on.

Over the years, we have added more forms, more buttons, and more things for salespeople to do to get more information. We’ve taken a different approach to get sellers to use their CRM, make it more useful, and put them on a path to deal closure.

The back-end integration with Fusion Marketing was updated earlier this year. Users’ sales and marketing efforts will be connected at levels few can do today.

The sales process was aligned with the marketing process. The processes that would allow for the creation and distribution of content were put in.