Over Half Of Marketers Have Lost Revenue Due To New Ad Regulations


‘The App-ocalypse’, the new report from Bango, reveals that marketers are experiencing a negative impact on their bottom line due to new ad regulations and privacy changes. The research revealed that 59% of marketers have lost revenue since Apple’s IDFA changes, the phasing out of third-party cookies by Google, new privacy updates, and changing ad regulations.

The report argues that the four horsemen of the App-ocalypse – the phasing out of Cookies, iOS IDFA changes, mounting government regulation, and privacy-conscious consumers – are changing the face of app marketing forever.

The research, which surveyed over 300 app developers and app marketers, found that 64% of marketers are concerned about the implications Google’s removal of third-party cookies will have on their user acquisition strategy, with 21% being very concerned. 61% of marketers have also reported losing sleep because of the new changes.

The Bango report also discusses the iOS IDFA privacy changes already in effect – which allow users to opt-out of being tracked. Although the updates have complicated user acquisition strategies, marketers do understand the need for privacy. In fact, 59% agree that user privacy is a top priority for their company in 2022.

Nevertheless, concerns about acquiring new users are still rife, with 61% of marketers agreeing that they have to rethink their user acquisition strategy. 63% are actively looking for new ways to target paying users without IDFA, cookies, or data privacy issues.

The Bango report, authored by Anil Malhotra, CMO, and Brett Orlanski, SVP Bango Audiences, argues that in a new privacy-conscious world, the only way to reach new paying app users is to re-think strategy and adopt purchase behavior targeting. As Anil Malhotra, co-author of the report, explains:

“Traditional audience targeting might have worked once upon a time, but new changes and regulations have made – at least from the point of view of app marketers – users unreachable and unattainable, like zombies that they desperately need to bring back to life. In this new world, marketers have to rethink their user acquisition strategies or risk falling victim to the App-ocalypse.”

“App marketers need a new solution that complies with privacy regulations and yields a high return on their marketing investment. Rather than wasting time and money targeting users that will not pay, Bango Audiences is cookie-less ad targeting tech. It doesn’t rely on search-based targeting, demographic profiling, or plain guesswork. It analyses the purchase data processed by the Bango Payment Platform across the major app stores to build custom audiences of users who are most likely to pay – based on what they’ve purchased before. With these custom audiences, you can reach new paying users you couldn’t otherwise find and turn disconnected “zombies” back into paying customers.”