Pega Launches Voice and Messaging AI Solutions


New conversational AI solutions offer hands-free capabilities during live interactions in real-time for more efficient resolution.

Pegasystems recently announced the launch of Pega Voice AI and Messaging AI, two new solutions that analyse live customer service conversations in real-time to help agents quickly resolve service requests with reduced manual effort. These artificial intelligence (AI) solutions can operate as copilots for agents, listening to live voice and chat conversations, recommending steps to resolution, off-loading tedious manual processes such as error-prone data entry or searches, and analysing intent to guide them to provide the most efficient, empathetic service possible.

While other voice and messaging analytics solutions focus on customer conversations after they’ve happened (such as call or chat transcripts) or sample some agents’ work for quality assurance, Pega’s Voice AI and Messaging AI solutions allow these capabilities to be applied in real-time to entire service agent populations for increased efficiency.

These solutions provide new hands-free experiences for agents. For example, when a new parent calls their insurer to add a newborn to their plan, Pega Voice AI detects why the customer is calling and provides real-time guidance to the agent, often without the need for manual data entry. The software automatically recommends actions and fills out the required forms just by listening to the conversation. This transitions the agent’s role away from time-consuming data entry and repetitive manual tasks, enabling them to focus on high-value work and deliver highly personalised service.

It will also proactively recommend specific knowledge content, such as an overview of pediatric coverage. And if the conversation shifts to a new topic, Pega pivots in real-time to help solve the new request.

Using real-time intelligence, natural language processing (NLP), speech-to-text analytics, and intelligent automation, Pega Voice AI and Messaging AI offers several other benefits, such as real-time script guidance during live phone calls to ensure consistent and optimal interactions across every customer conversation. This also helps agents achieve peak performance from day one, reducing agent training time.

Pega Voice AI and Messaging AI are new options for clients using Pega Customer ServiceTM, Pega’s solution for simplifying service by automating processes and unifying data and systems across the enterprise. It helps ensure contact centres and digital touchpoints like web, mobile, and chat self-service channels are best positioned to deliver personal, proactive, and preemptive service experiences.