PubMatic Launches Connect To Streamline Data Activation On The Sell-Side


New Fully Integrated, Omnichannel Addressability Solution Helps Buyers Target Audiences with Any Data Currency

PubMatic, an independent technology company delivering digital advertising’s future supply chain, announced the launch of Connect, a comprehensive and fully integrated platform to enable media buyers to connect with their target audiences across the open internet seamlessly. Connect is one of the only unbiased addressability offerings that combine many preferred signal approaches into one platform, including known identity, first- and second-party data, contextual signals, seller-defined audiences, and modeled audiences. The solution enables brands and media buyers to activate a portfolio approach to addressability to improve ad relevance while respecting consumer privacy, well ahead of the ecosystem’s transition away from the third-party cookie.

Connect builds on the momentum of the company’s audience business, which has increased over 3x in the past year, thanks in part to strong growth drivers such as supply path optimization deals and PubMatic’s connected TV (CTV) business.

By bringing audience targeting to the sell-side of the digital advertising ecosystem, PubMatic’s Connect provides ad buyers with greater control over how inventory and data are packaged and transacted to drive the best performance for their campaigns. As a result, buyers get sustainable audience resolution, increased reach and scale, and greater return on ad spend – across display, video, mobile app, and CTV.

“Matterkind’s clients look to us for intentional, sustainable, high-performance marketing. We’re proud to partner with PubMatic to bring next-generation addressability solutions to our brand advertisers,” said Olivia Henley, Partnerships Associate Director at Matterkind. “By allowing buyers to transact on various high-value addressability signals, PubMatic Connect helps our clients better reach and engage their target audiences through a streamlined, integrated tool to improve advertising impact and ultimately drive better ROI.”

“PHD advertisers have seen strong performance results by opting into PubMatic’s suite of enhanced addressability solutions through their Connect platform,” said Trevor Buchmayr, Executive Director and Head of Programmatic at PHD Media. “This not only pertains to building out and activating scalable audiences tailored to our client’s unique performance goals, but also in enabling supply-side targeting for our Omni Platform – which has empowered our teams to bring their brands closer to their target consumers, and drive better business outcomes on behalf of our clients.”

“As media buyers seek to maximize the value and ROI of their media spend, audience addressability is a critical piece of the puzzle,” said Peter Barry, VP, Addressability at PubMatic. “Connect sets a new standard for efficiency and effectiveness in media targeting, giving advertisers access to specific audiences using the data currency they prefer in one streamlined platform. There is a robust future for sell-side audience addressability, which will give publishers and advertisers better control over revenue and performance.”

Connect unites a portfolio of addressability solutions that PubMatic has developed into a single platform over the past few years, making it easier for buyers to access and activate various data signals across channels. With Connect, advertisers can reach their target audience across a massive global inventory footprint, powered by a platform that processes 383 billion ad impressions daily. Buyers can tap into unparalleled ID access and massive scale thanks to the more than 350 publishers using Identity Hub, PubMatic’s proprietary, Prebid based, identity management solution for publishers. Connect also quickly ingests advertiser and publisher first-party data, giving customers the freedom and flexibility to use their preferred data source. Partnerships with many of the industry’s key audience data and contextual partners – including LiveRamp, Lotame and Semasio – provide the ability to target audiences at scale. Connections to leading DMPs, DSPs, and publishers provide the flexibility and freedom needed by advertisers.