Qonsent And LiveRamp Partner For Consumer-First Consent Solution


New partner integration brings together Qonsent SmartQontract and RampID for seamless first-person consent and brand activation

Qonsent, the consent enablement and consumer trust platform, announced a partnership with LiveRamp, the data enablement platform for the safe, easy, and effective use of data. The two leaders provide brands and marketers with a turnkey, first-person consent integration solution through Qonsent’s patent-pending SmartQontract technology and LiveRamp’s Authenticated Traffic Solution (ATS). For brands, the partnership makes implementing a direct way to gain consumers’ explicit consent an easy technology integration within existing environments (like CDPs and CMPs). For consumers, the integration provides a transparent means to understand how a brand plans to use their data and for how long.

“Regulatory bodies and tech leaders are paying more attention to this space, and companies should focus on solutions that restore consumers’ trust accordingly,” said Travis Clinger, SVP of Activations and Addressability at LiveRamp. “From the start, we’ve emphasised using authenticated customer data in ethical and appropriate ways and have built our platform accordingly; partnering with Qonsent further brings consumers into the mix with informed authentication and a clear guide to how their data will be used. Enduring, loyal customer relationships are in our best interests and will stand the test of time no matter what regulatory or privacy changes emerge.”

By integrating the LiveRamp ATS, the Qonsent platform enables any brand or publisher to become instantaneously compliant in the collection and handling of direct consent across any Personally Identifiable Information (PII) by setting permissions tied to that consumer’s identity and converting that into a RampID, LiveRamp’s people-based identifier. Using RampID, the integration optimises campaign performance while protecting consumer data, ensuring brands can build marketing programs on top of a technology foundation that is designed to adapt to evolving privacy and browser policies. For instance, any brand or organisation that is already a Qonsent or LiveRamp customer can automatically gain first-person consent to build push activations, sending offers to consumers wherever they are at a ballpark, football game, concert, or shopping centre.

Qonsent’s SmartQontract has integrated LiveRamp legal disclaimers regarding data privacy directly into the interface, which allows consumers to easily determine if they want to share their PII at the moment of consent—usually during an offer or activation moment. SmartQontract is the only interface on the market to use images and simple language to allow consumers to clearly understand what they agree to when it comes to personal data. Qonsent shares agreed-upon hashed PII—such as emails, addresses, and phone numbers—with LiveRamp; without storing the hashed PII on its servers, LiveRamp shares encrypted RampID with brands and publishers for easy integrations and activations.