Qualtrics Unveils New XM Platform Innovations


Qualtrics, the creator of the experience management category, announced new XM Platform innovations to offer organizations the most flexibility to gain a complete understanding of their customer’s wants and needs and take automatic action to deliver personalized experiences at scale and in real time.

The innovations come as the Qualtrics XM Platform reaches 10 billion Experience iDs–a growth rate of 100% year over year–serving as the largest human sentiment database in the world and deepening the ability to give organizations quick, actionable insights to drive their business and improve their customer relationships.

Qualtrics captures every form of customer and employee feedback, including survey responses, contact center chat interactions, social media posts, product reviews and more. With advanced machine learning and AI, Qualtrics uniquely analyzes this data to understand the emotion, effort, and intent behind the words. Experience iD captures all customer experience data in a single profile, creating a digital history of all user interactions and experiences over time in a single view.

Qualtrics’ sophisticated AI technology captures aggregated data within the 10 billion XiD profiles, offering organizations deeper insights to help them take the right action to improve customer experiences. The data captured within XiD also enables the development of a library of benchmark metrics, such as CSAT and NPS so that companies can assess their results against their peers.

“In a tightening economy, companies are looking for efficient, at-a-glance insights that can provide unique perspectives at scale so they can get to know their customers on a deeper level and automatically deliver tailored experiences,” said Brad Anderson, Qualtrics President of Products and Engineering. “The breadth of data captured within XiD paired with its AI capabilities ensure incredible scale, empowering companies to connect the dots across each touchpoint of a user’s journey to uncover the insights needed to take quick and targeted action.”

More flexibility to connect and activate customer data in a single, unified view

The enhanced XiD dashboard enables organizations to have greater flexibility to connect and pull in different types of data, including transactional data such as visits and purchases; demographic data including age, geography, income level; and other experiential information such as sentiment, effort, emotion, and intent to understand key customer trends, identify potential gaps and get to actionable insights faster.

Operational customer data shows ‘what’ is happening, while experience data provides the ‘why’ and determines what actions need to be taken. By combining the two, organizations can view additional insights to gain a complete view of their customers to derive critical insights about their business.

For example, a hospital can use the newly enhanced XiD analytics dashboard to understand better patient experiences and trends, such as overall patient CSAT, trends in total visits, and average stay. Organizations can also easily customize the view to bring in and analyze additional data, such as patient age distribution, or show CSAT trends across types of care received.

Unlock new opportunities to deliver personalized customer experiences in real-time automatically

Qualtrics is deepening the integration between XiD and xFlow, Qualtrics’ workflow automation engine. New XiD-powered workflows enable organizations to trigger personalized engagement and outreach automatically, helping eliminate friction points. This includes the ability to trigger workflows based on changes in customer contact information, transaction data, or changes in customer segment membership, empowering organizations to respond quickly, efficiently and driving action at scale.

For example, a luxury retailer has a customer that moves to a new city and based on their address changes and recent segment membership characteristics, XiD can automatically trigger an email welcoming them to their nearest physical location and run an automated campaign to send a special promotional code since they’ve shifted to a high valued customer.

Automatically triggering actions across the customer journey helps organizations reduce operating costs and eliminate manual processes, all the while identifying ways to deliver more tailored, personalized customer experiences.