Quantiva Launches Blockchain Gaming Environment for Creators


In 2014, NYC based artist Kevin McCoy minted the world’s first digital art NFT. This token, Quantum, was sold at Sothebys in June 2020 in a million dollar+ sale.

Now, he and partner/creative collaborator Jennifer McCoy are creating “The Inside World,” a collaborative, sci-fi, mystery-thriller Blockchain-based game set on the streets of a future Las Vegas.

With the help of digital innovation and technology studio Quantiva, “The Inside World” premiered at The Sundance Film Festival on January 20, 2022.

The premise of “The Inside World” is that the city of Las Vegas is now completely operated by Artificial Intelligence, specifically, by 14 AI “Managers” that direct everything in their respective sectors of the city.

As of the initial launch at Sundance, the game includes the 14 Managers operating in an environment consisting of 52 backgrounds and 52 objects enabling the possible production of 8,000 NFTs. The distribution of these NFTs will serve as the community’s foundation for future upcoming storylines and grant access to content creation and world building events. Ownership of related NFTs and/or specific combinations of NFTs unlock gaming access and privileges; including the ability to nominate and vote for game environment features.

Jennifer McCoy said, “Quantiva’s active participation enabled us to achieve a launch that represents a quantum leap in gaming in which NFTs serve as both collectible art and the digital keys to a new deep world of storytelling and community.”

Quantiva Co-Founder & CTO Zak El Houda observed, “Our many years of experience delivering decentralized solutions based on Blockchain technology has led us to a point where we are able to effectively help creators deploy Blockchain infrastructures tailor-made for the distribution of NFTs that unlock opportunities in both real world and virtual gamified environments.”