QuestionPro Partners With Acquis Cortico-X To Reinvent CX


Companies will combine expertise in CX software and organizational consulting to create up to three new products in the coming year

QuestionPro and Acquis Cortico-X, an experience-led transformation firm, are collaborating to reinvent how businesses measure, derive insights and drive action from their data.

Acquis Cortico-X, the experience transformation arm of an elite boutique management consultancy Acquis Consulting Group, partners with clients and technology companies to drive digital transformation. Coupled with the breadth and depth of Acquis’ services to accelerate digital change, Cortico-X provides new experiences to customers and employees through strategic advisory services and incubating and commercializing new products. QuestionPro is a leading provider of online surveys and research with a business unit focused solely on customer experience management.

Together, the companies will develop a suite of branded and white-labeled products that blend QuestionPro’s tools and services for market intelligence and customer insight with Cortico-X’s deep experience in converting insights into business transformation. Efforts are underway to develop a customer journey-focused experience assessment and competitive benchmarking tool and a product that enables an organization’s experience-centered continuous improvement function.

“If, as they say, the customer is the brand, then a great customer experience is the key to unlocking a brand’s full potential,” said Vivek Bhaskaran, CEO Of QuestionPro. “In this digital world, it’s possible to know exactly how your customers feel about you – and your competitors. Now more than ever, businesses must constantly listen and learn from their customers and the marketplace. We’ll provide the listening, and Cortico-X will provide the learning.” 

“Attempts at transformation based on anything other than hard data are doomed to fail,” said Sujay Saha, the President of Cortico-X. “QuestionPro’s CX platform combined with their research panels and sentiment analysis produces remarkably rich datasets, serving as the foundation for any new product development or business transformation project.”