Relationshop Advances Digital Experience Platform


Retailers can now personalize and monetize promotions, offers and brand ads through DXP

Relationshop announced the launch of Personalized Promotions within its Digital Experience Platform. DXP offers grocery retail clients a branded engagement and shopping experience for their customers within a single platform, accessible online and via a mobile app.

The DXP Personalized Promotions feature allows the retailer to easily execute shopper marketing promotions and branded ad placement throughout their website and mobile app. Integrated with Relationshop’s targeting capability and machine learning (ML) algorithms, offers, products and advertising can be tailored to each shopper based on individual purchase behavior and/or retailer-controlled strategies.

“No different than their physical properties, a retailer’s website and apps need to be thought of in terms of customer engagement, merchandising, promotion, and monetization opportunities. DXP gives retailers the capability to control and manage their digital properties, coupled with the ability to personalize that experience for each shopper through relevant brand product placement and targeted promotional executions. As retailers and brands are always looking for mutually beneficial ways to work together, DXP delivers an elevated digital experience for the shopper and greater value for retailers and brands, alike,” said Randy Crimmins, President, Chief Customer Officer, Relationshop.

Relationshop’s Digital Experience Platform (DXP) helps retailers drive sales and strengthen shopper relationships by providing an exceptional, curated experience with robust features including product recommendations, personalized offers and promotions, digital loyalty, digital circular, and connected commerce options for curbside pickup, delivery and order-ahead food service. DXP also tracks user-level activity from impression to the transaction, providing enhanced insights, engagement, and monetization opportunities along the full shopper journey.