Retina AI Integrates With Google Ads


Retina AI, a predictive customer lifetime value (pCLV) intelligence company, has integrated with Google Ads, allowing companies to track how effective their advertising campaigns are in acquiring customers with high lifetime value.

The integration will help users measure their advertising campaigns on both Facebook and Google.

“Most ad campaigns are optimized for conversion and customer acquisition costs, but brands need to stop paying to acquire everyone,” said Emad Hasan, CEO of Retina AI, in a statement. “Around 30 percent of customers acquired by campaigns built solely on these metrics will be unprofitable. This is why measuring against pCLV is so essential. It ensures that your ad spend isn’t being wasted on ads and audiences who are unprofitable.”

Retina’s pCLV scores can be viewed in custom columns in the Google Ads tables. The tool includes several columns out of the box, including the following:

  • Aggregate CLV – a dollar value that represents the total CLV for all customers who clicked an ad or extension over a selected period of time.
  • CLV Conversions – the number of customers who clicked on an ad or extension over a selected period of time.
  • Average CLV – a dollar value that represents aggregated CLV divided by CLV conversions.
  • CLV-to-customer acquisition cost – a ratio of average CLV divided by cost per conversion.
  • With this data, customers can measure which creative acquires the most customers, draws the highest CLV audience, provides the highest return, and more