Snowplow Acquires Poplin Data, Launches APAC Operating Hub


Snowplow, the industry leader in data creation and behavioural data, announces the acquisition of Sydney-based Poplin Data, Snowplow’s exclusive integration and enablement partner in Australia and New Zealand

The acquisition of the data-specialist consulting firm, which helps organisations achieve a competitive advantage through the deployment of sophisticated data-led strategies, has supported customers within the Snowplow ecosystem for six years.

“By working with Snowplow’s behavioural data platform, Poplin Data has expanded our vision of what data creation can be,” said Alex Dean, CEO and Co-founder of Snowplow. “They are a fantastic team of technologists who continue to push the boundaries of what is possible with our platforms. Bringing them into the Snowplow team expands our research and development efforts and helps us be closer to our global customer base. I am delighted to welcome everyone from Poplin Data to our team and officially launch the Snowplow APAC Operating Hub.”

Poplin Data was Snowplow’s first global partner and has been the largest external developer of Snowplow ecosystem tools. Since launching in 2016, the firm has excelled in executing data transformation projects and delivering modern data infrastructure platforms for enterprise and SMB customers.

“As one of Snowplow’s early adopters, the Poplin Data team and I look forward to working with Snowplow to continue its mission of providing customers with high-quality behavioural data ready for personalisation and machine learning,” said Mike Robins, CTO and Co-founder of Poplin Data. With a global customer base, Poplin Data has made a name for itself in the APAC region by helping data teams achieve data maturity on key fundamentals including, but not limited to, first-party data collection, privacy and compliance-first data collection, real-time data collection, identity merging, and data completeness.

Poplin Data has extensive Snowplow domain experience and a particular focus on media and retail marketing solutions, including algorithmic attribution – a modern technique for marketing attribution – which they bring to Snowplow’s data-modelling capabilities.