Sprinklr and Deloitte Expand Partnership into Asia-Pacific

Deloitte Anjin CEO, Hong Jong-sung (left), and Sprinklr Country Director, South Korea, Mike Hur attend the signing ceremony celebrating the new partnership between Deloitte and Sprinklr in South Korea.

Deloitte Korea Group, including Deloitte Anjin Accounting Corp., has announced a partnership between Deloitte and Sprinklr, the unified customer experience management (Unified-CXM) platform for modern enterprises, at a ceremony in One IFC building, Seoul.

The signing ceremony was attended by Deloitte Anjin CEO, Hong Jong-sung, and Sprinklr Country Director, South Korea, Mike Hur.

Deloitte and Sprinklr expand their partnership into the Asia-Pacific region, building on many other successful relationships between the entities globally.

The goal of the partnership is for Deloitte Korea Group to utilize Sprinklr’s integrated Unified-CXM technology to establish a super-personalization strategy, better serve customer marketing needs and provide end-to-end service in facilitating a digital customer experience journey based on Sprinklr’s powerful AI platform for real-time insights.

Hong Jong-sung said, “In the era of New Normal after COVID-19, it is more important that we stay more connected to customers throughout all contact points. Through this partnership with Sprinklr, we will be able to strengthen our capabilities and accelerate the transformation of the digital customer journey.”

“Our expanded partnership with Deloitte is a testament to the impact Sprinklr is making globally,” said Mike Hur. “The alignment between our organizations will help both Sprinklr and Deloitte better serve our customers in the region, and we are committed to continuing to work together to uplevel the consumer experience.”