SupplyPro Introduces Inventory Control Shelf Tag


SupplyPro has introduced its UStockit inventory shelf tag to prevent inventory stockouts, according to a press release.

Electronic shelf labels use electronic ink to display a price and can connect to a computer database. The labeling technology makes changing prices as easy as typing a new price into the software and clicking “send.” The tags display current inventory, product name, and part number.

Users can manage automated ordering, and real-time inventory levels and provide replenishment alerts with SupplyPro’s inventory management cloud-based software.

The company is presently beta-testing the solution, and there are openings available for qualified product distributors. Participants will be able to keep the beta hardware and UStockit software.

The beta program will focus on quantifying the reduction of operational costs, enhanced visibility, and improved inventory accuracy as well as evaluating labor savings resulting from fewer cycle counts and automation of the replenishment process.

“What’s amazing about the inventory shelf tag solution is that an entire warehouse can be turned into a virtual vending machine,” Marcy Rivard, product manager at SupplyPro, said in the press release.