Talon, Place Exchange Partner To Expand Programmatic Capabilities


Talon Outdoor, an Out of Home (OOH) media agency, announced its expanded programmatic capabilities following the integration with Place Exchange, a supply-side platform (SSP) for programmatic DOOH media.

The partnership enables Talon’s clients to activate smart, dynamic Digital OOH campaigns, across Place Exchange’s premium inventory, via direct integration with Talon’s proprietary DSP, Atlas.

Atlas launched in the UK in July 2020 to deliver audience-optimized campaigns for advertisers with expertise and transparency. The model proves incredibly effective by putting audiences at the platform’s core and delivering relevant, viewed impacts within a brand-safe environment. Latest research has demonstrated that Atlas campaigns are nearly 4x more likely to drive brand consideration and twice as likely to shift purchase intent versus online channels.

The integration with Place Exchange allows US advertisers to access the same benefits, overlaying sophisticated audience insights from Talon’s proprietary Data Management Platform (DMP), Ada, with fully automated execution. The partnership allows brands to activate and adjust campaigns in real-time in response to external triggers and further unifies the buying and measurement of DOOH media with other digital channels.

As OOH continues to move from an offline to an online medium, advertisers increasingly demand consistency in audience targeting, agility, and reporting. The integration will allow Talon clients to plan effective omnichannel campaigns while retaining the medium’s core fame and brand-building benefits.

Place Exchange offers quality DOOH inventory at scale across numerous media owners in the US, including Lamar, Outfront, and Clear Channel Outdoor. This combined with their strong focus on tech and innovation, made them the ideal launch partner for Atlas in the US. 

Sophie Pemberton, Chief Strategy Officer, Talon Outdoor, commented, “We are delighted to announce this key partnership which provides Talon’s clients access to Place Exchange’s premium inventory. By opening up additional ways to activate smart, dynamic DOOH campaigns, through direct integration with Talon’s proprietary DSP, Atlas, we can deliver better outcomes for brands.”

“Atlas brings a deep understanding of the OOH category, with technology designed to automate OOH activations intelligently,” said Nick Bennett, SVP of partnerships at Place Exchange. “We’re thrilled to partner with Atlas in helping advertisers and agencies around the world extend strategies from other channels into the DOOH arena, leveraging sophisticated targeting and measurement.”