Tattle Integrates Its CXM Software With GoParrot     


Tattle has integrated its customer experience management software with GoParrot, a digital ordering and marketing platform for the restaurant industry.

Through the partnership, all guests who place orders with participating restaurants that use GoParrot will be sent an automated survey from Tattle pre-installed with their unique transaction data, such as the location of the order, timing, ordering channel, and more.

“With off-premises revenue accounting for anywhere from 40% to 80% of a restaurant’s overall revenue today depending on geography, the quality of the off-premises guest experience has now become paramount for operators,” said Alex Beltrani, Tattle’s founder and CEO.

“Based on our guest data, delivery and take-out experiences have shown to deliver a 20 percent lower guest satisfaction score compared to its dine-in counterpart, with accuracy and meal packaging incidents occurring at a four times greater frequency. Without off-premises measurement, restaurants may miss the opportunity for both operational improvement and guest recovery, both of which are key contributors to ROI.”