Tech Spend Shifts For Enterprise-Wide Approach To Customer Experience, ISG Says


Zappos, HubSpot, Lifescale Analytics, others will discuss the role of data, technology and social commitment in the post-pandemic consumer experience at the ISG event

Enterprises are shifting their technology spending to involve all relevant parts of the organization in providing superior customer experience, say experts with Information Services Group (ISG) appearing at the ISG Xperience Summit on March 22. The day-long, virtual event will explore how transparent, digital and connected services are crucial to winning and retaining the loyalty of consumers who depend on brands to fulfill their ever-evolving expectations.

“Over the past two years, enterprises have been forced to rapidly adapt the front-end user experience to provide online, curbside or digital delivery, with immediate results and minimal hassle. The enterprise spending we are seeing now is intended to move that experience throughout the organization by connecting the back office with every stage of delivery, which will ultimately support and expand the superior experiences today’s consumers expect,” said John Boccuzzi, Jr., partner, ISG Research and Host, ISG Xperience Summit.

Alex Genov, head of customer experience research at, the online shoe and clothing retailer owned by, will discuss strategies for cultivating lasting customer loyalty and positive emotional experiences while also satisfying the business need for big data. In his keynote presentation, “Giving Customers a Voice in a World Full of Numbers,” Genov will explore the tension between algorithms and personalized products and services and show how has worked to treat customers as people instead of numbers.

“AI, automation, platforms, predictive analytics, cybersecurity and blockchain will drive the future of customer experience. Enterprises must embrace change and leverage these technologies to meet and exceed customer expectations while fostering transparency, sustainability and resilience,” said Karen Healy, Partner and Global Leader, ISG events.

A panel discussion, “Exceeding Customer Expectations,” will bring together Amanda Whyte, director, corporate strategy and CX management at corporate relationship management software provider HubSpot; Scott Brinker, editor of the blog and vice president, platform ecosystem at HubSpot; Brian Carnell, CIO of LifeScale Analytics, and John Sandoval, VP, client services with Isobar Public Sector, to explore value-driven consumption and how brands must demonstrate a commitment to social issues to build trust with their consumers.