Tesco To Expand Whoosh Delivery Service To 600 Stores


Tesco is planning to expand its 60 minutes ‘Tesco Whoosh’ delivery service to 600 stores over the next year.

Over the past year, the supermarket giant has expanded ‘Tesco Whoosh’ from just 50 stores in the first half to over 200 stores.

The service passed its initial trials and currently offers customers over 1,700 products. Its delivery slots run every day from 7 am to 10 pm.

In addition, this year has seen Tesco adapt 89 Metro stores to Express and the opening of 40 new Express stores.

On top of this, Tesco has also added 102 new Click & Collect sites and opened three more Urban Fulfilment centres, with pick rates around four times higher than store-based picking.

The news comes as Tesco recently recorded £2.3 billion in online sales, as it vows to keep prices ‘in check’ amid a rise in living costs.