TikTok Announces ‘next chapter of commerce’ on its Platform


Social media platform TikTok has announced the ‘next chapter of commerce on TikTok’ which includes its new Shopping Ads feature.

The move comes as TikTok hopes to ‘help brands maximize the ecommerce potential of the platform.’

The company claims that advertisers will be able to build ‘exciting’ and ‘entertaining’ shopping experiences for their communities, wherever they are in the buying journey.

Thanks to TikTok’s infinite loop of discovery and prized algorithm, community-fuelled shopping trends like #TikTokMadeMeBuyIt have garnered billions of views.

As part of the new Shopping Ads feature, advertisers will be able to implement Video Shopping Ads which will help to amplify product discovery, purchase intent, and conversion. Video Shopping Ads allow advertisers to highlight one or multiple products in their in-feed video ads.

Live Shopping Ads will help brands drive people from their For You Feed to the brand’s TikTok Shop LIVE event.

Catalog Listing Ads (available for testing in the United States) Catalog Listing Ads enable advertisers to scale their product catalogs across TikTok and expand advertising reach beyond the For You Page.

Brands in the UK will be able to leverage Shopping Ads leading up to their festive campaigns and begin testing both Video Shopping Ads and LIVE Shopping Ads.