TikTok Experiments with New Video Avatar Tools


TikTok’s testing a new avatar feature that can allow customers to create a digital character avatar primarily based on a selfie, with facial expressions that can match your precise look.

Users will be able to decide on a face template, where they would have the ability to edit in-app, customize the avatar’s expressions. The platform is using this technology to offer new methods to share emotion and response within the app.

The announcement was posted by social media expert Matt Navarra.

Right now, the avatar looks a lot like Apple’s ‘Memoji’, which allows users to use theirr chosen Memoji character as a digital puppet, with the capability to make the character transfer in response to a users’ actions when trying on the digicam.

TikTok’s avatars are a sure step towards the metaverse shift. This will enhance its capabilities to facilitate character depictions that align with how customers wish to signify themselves.