TikTok Explores Gamification In Ecommerce Push


TikTok is exploring gamification as part of its latest ecommerce push, which will see the social media platform using the retail tactic as part of a live sale event for the first time.

The move into gamification – an online marketing strategy that involves applying typical elements of game playing such as point scoring to other areas of activity such as sales – is the latest move from TikTok as it ramps up its social commerce offering.

Designed to encourage consumer engagement, TikTok has been exploring gamification elements as the latest way to shop for some time. The Summer Sale – which runs from 20 June to 3 July – will mark the first time it is being used as part of a live sale event.

As part of the event, TikTok has compiled an official summer wishlist of viral products and seasonal essentials, while consumers will be allowed to win a range of prizes and exclusive discounts.

In practice, users will be encouraged to complete certain ‘tasks’, such as watching a video, setting a reminder for life or following a TikTok live host to win ‘lives’ and participate in the games.

The exclusive content will include access to top fashion brands, including JD, New Balance, Anker and Patpat, with influential creators driving sales across viral health, beauty, tech and fashion ranges.

The announcement is the latest in a series of developments from the social media giant, which recently saw Westfield UK running a live two-hour shopping event on its newly launched UK TikTok account.

Westfield was the first physical retail destination to launch a live shopping event on TikTok Shop in the UK.