TransUnion Partners With Epsilon


TransUnion announced a partnership to make data from Epsilon, an advertising and marketing technology company, available via the TruAudience Data Marketplace.

The relationship marks one of the largest audience targeting partnerships across Connected TV, smart speakers and gaming consoles. Brands and agencies can now access audience insights from Epsilon’s top-ranked consumer database of 250 million US consumers mapped across TransUnion’s household identity graph covering more than 80 million US-connected homes. Through this partnership, brands and agencies can create custom audiences based on thousands of attributes, thereby allowing them to reach each person with personalized messages across channels.  

Approximately 80% of OTT viewing time occurs on home-based devices like connected TVs and 100 million Americans own at least one smart speaker, neither of which generate cookies and often do not have device IDs.

TransUnion’s patented method combines many digital signals and identifiers from these connected devices and personal devices to create a view of each connected household. This makes the audience-verified integration of Epsilon data into the TruAudience Data Marketplace ID-agnostic and able to withstand the deprecation of cookies and other identifiers across streaming media.

“As mobile IDs and cookies continue to deprecate, having the ability to leverage audiences from Epsilon in an ID-agnostic way across our leading activation partners will enable greater scale and reach,” said Michelle Swanston, VP of Media and Entertainment and Head of Data Marketplace at TransUnion. “This relationship will help meet the ever-increasing demand for advanced audience targeting across streaming media.”

The TruAudience Data Marketplace is a privacy-conscious, end-to-end solution for executing high-fidelity streaming and omnichannel campaigns with consistency and scale. The marketplace is the most leveraged audience targeting solution across leading streaming publishers, demand-side platforms (DSPs) and supply-side platforms (SSPs). Clients can create custom audiences and reach consumers with the right message across multiple channels.

Epsilon has developed the most complete set of transactional data assets to be used across all marketing channels. Epsilon also hosts one of the largest cooperative transactional databases in the US, with more than 3,000 contributing brands in key B2C and B2B categories. Epsilon data covers demographics, lifestyles, financials, market indicators, healthcare, automotive, propensity models/market trends, and opted-in survey data.

“Marketers must have data that’s protected, relevant and actionable. Most importantly, it has to be connectable across devices and channels,” said Kyle Antoian, Managing Director of Data at Epsilon. “Our partnership with TransUnion gives marketers the ability to tap into high-fidelity audiences and reach people across connected TV and streaming audio in the moments they are most receptive.”