Treasure Data launches new CX functionality


Treasure Data has introduced a new strategic vision and product positioning for Customer Data Cloud, reflecting the company’s focus on helping enterprise companies improve the customer experience and connect it across the business to compete in a challenging economic environment.

According to a recent Forbes survey commissioned by Treasure Data, three-quarters of business leaders believe that superior customer experience is vital to growth, but most cannot address it on an enterprise level.

With the increase in digital engagement, the absence of a complete and actionable picture of the customer across teams and systems makes it impossible to deliver a seamless, effective customer experience.

By combining simple-to-use solutions for marketing, contact center agents, and sales associates, Treasure Data’s Customer Data Cloud orchestrates customer journeys in the existing technology stack across the enterprise, enabling connected customer experiences.

With Customer Data Cloud, an integrated suite of cloud-based customer data platform solutions, companies are able to align operations and customer engagement departments to drive business results, marketing lift, and operational efficiencies, the company states.

The entire company can get on the same page with a centralized understanding of the customer, which they can trust to be up-to-date, aligned with privacy regulations, and well-equipped to provide insights for next-best-action.

Kazuki Ohta, co-founder and CEO at Treasure Data, says, “As consumers, we have all experienced disconnected brand experiences. We don’t care which department, team, or system is involved when we seek out information or reach out for support. The bottom line is that it is frustrating to start over again and again in every engagement, and it is wasteful for the consumer and for the business.

“Creating connected customer experiences is the key to unlocking desired growth and efficiency. When the entire business can champion the customer as one team, one company, customers have a more seamless, unified experience with the brand. As a result, employees are ultimately more efficient and effective, driving productivity and profitability in the process.”

Recent research from Forrester demonstrates the significance of trust in a brand’s customer experience quality. Forrester’s US 2022 Customer Experience Index found that trust is a key indicator of customer loyalty, with data privacy and security being a potential deal-breaker for many consumers.

Addressing these concerns, Customer Data Cloud is designed to bring together disparate data in a secure cloud environment, keeping information safe and enabling companies to respect customer preferences and comply with regulations to reduce risk and drive brand trust.

With Customer Data Cloud, data privacy and consent preferences are managed in a unified customer data record all within one platform. Companies are better equipped to navigate the increasingly complex privacy landscape, empowering marketers to deliver connected customer experiences while minimizing risk.

David Wallace, research director of customer intelligence and analytics at IDC, comments, “CDPs have modernized the marketing technology stack by creating an enterprise customer data service at the core that supports all customer-facing functions, enabling brands to remake Martech stacks from the customer data layer up, enabling true omnichannel engagement and personalization.

“By uniting the entire enterprise in the cloud, Treasure Data’s Customer Data Cloud helps the entire stack to work more effectively and efficiently, aggregating customer data and enabling AI-based insights to quickly activate and engage customers with improved experiences that deliver empathy, trust, and loyalty.”