Turing AI Launches Retail-Specific Machine Learning Algorithms 


Turing AI launched Turing AI for Retail, which combines Turing AI’s retail-specific machine learning algorithms and intelligent workflow automation with retailers’ camera infrastructures to give retailers deep insights into customers’ end-to-end journeys while measuring key demographic data and associated buying patterns.

Turing AI for Retail offers insight into the following:

  • Intelligent queue management;
  • Foot traffic;
  • Merchandising effectiveness;
  • Loss prevention;
  • Occupancy; and
  • Demographics.

“As we enter 2022 we know that retailers face an ever-evolving landscape of building customer loyalty and satisfaction while maximizing in-store efficiencies with fewer staff,” said Tony Allen, vice president of sales at Turing AI, in a statement. “While we recognize the benefits to retailers, we must also recognize this set of solutions ultimately benefits the customer experience.”

“We are proud that these solutions will deliver deep insights to truly understand and capitalize on the customer journey. Consistent with our strategy at Turing, we will continue to collaborate with our channel partners on all of the retail intelligence solutions we’ve created,” said Ron Rothman, president of Turing AI, in a statement.