UJET Launches AI-Modeled Interaction Design


UJET, a cloud contact center solutions provider, launched AI-Modeled Interaction Design to help companies identify and value optimal virtual agent deployments leveraging hundreds of thousands of customer insights to drive enhanced customer experience (CX) capabilities and automated virtual agent responses.

“Contact center demand is rising as labor shortages continue. As a result, wait times are longer than ever, service is suffering, and customers are rightly irritable. AI can and should take on a more prominent role to keep businesses running smoothly and customers happy,” said Vasili Triant, chief operating officer at UJET, in a statement. “Our latest AI technology holds immense potential to transform organizations and, when designed correctly, can dramatically improve experiences, enhance efficiency, raise productivity, and drive growth.”

UJET’s AI-modeled Interaction Design for Virtual Agents helps companies identify the most common customer needs, informed by large-scale AI insights directly from customers, and then automates their resolution. Leveraging conversational AI and machine learning powered by Google’s CCAI Insights, UJET architects contact center optimization roadmaps to unlock the human and machine capabilities.

With topic and conversation analysis, companies can get a prioritized list of the virtual agents they need to make the biggest difference for CX. This improves key customer care metrics such as wait time, self-service rate, first-call resolution, and much more. The data gathered has actionable insights and capabilities, including the following:

  • Resolving recurring points of customer concerns, such as issues with payment methods, passwords, website/app rendering on different platforms, and much more.
  • Proactively address rising trends in complaints or returns before they become a bigger problem.
  • Harnessing customer insights based on repeated requests for new product lines or enhancements to existing products/services.
  • Gathering competitive intelligence directly from end-users. Hear directly from customers on what they liked or didn’t like with a competitor.

“There’s tremendous value in contact center data, and most current use cases leverage call data to automate answers to common questions. While a good start, UJET is using Google AI to go even further. This solution is using contact center data to optimize the entire CX flow by first identifying the best opportunities for automation,” said Dave Michels, principal analyst and founder of TalkingHeadz Research, in a statement. “With UJET, companies get massive-scale analysis of actual customer data, prioritized ideal use cases for virtual agents, and a detailed ROI and value analysis on those use cases. This use of conversational AI focuses more on overall CX rather than just automation.”