Unbabel Integrates With Zendesk


Unbabel, the AI-powered language operations platform that helps businesses deliver multilingual customer experiences at scale announces its new integration with the leading customer service software, Zendesk, Inc.

Unbabel will connect to Zendesk’s messaging solution so that agents and customers can communicate with each other in multiple languages, across most modern messaging channels, via an omnichannel customer support system.

The integration will help customer support teams work smarter with Zendesk’s suite of support tools. Unbabel uses a hybrid translation approach that combines AI with human editors, who ensure quality and consistently work to update translation algorithms unique to a market’s or country’s language preferences, providing nuanced translations to all its users at scale. With Zendesk agents communicating with customers on any channel, and Unbabel enabling multilingual translation, this combination gives support operations and businesses tremendous flexibility and agility. Unbabel’s integration to Zendesk’s consolidated view of all customer conversations — whether sent via social media, the web, email, or WhatsApp — will deliver a consistent, omnichannel service in any language, translating messages as they come in.  

With Zendesk messaging, you can capture the entire customer experience from when a person first engages with your business to their latest interaction via any available channel. With Unbabel, you can automatically do all of this in the customer’s native language from their first interaction. These elements, when working in concert, create super personalized customer experiences.

“Imagine walking into a store, being welcomed and supported by the seller, in your native language, and not needing to explain who you are, what you’re looking to purchase, solve, return, or anything else,” said Tim Marsden, Sr. Director of Technology Partner Ecosystem at Zendesk. “With Unbabel and Zendesk, you could replicate this unparalleled customer experience across your customer’s favorite digital channels. It’s hard to think of a more powerful way to build strong conversational relationships.”

Zendesk messaging can also be added to a business’s website, mobile applications like WhatsApp for business, or social media channels, and customers can reach the business whenever, wherever they like — whether in real-time or on a session-by-session basis. Unbabel translates the content of the interaction, laying the foundation to give support teams the flexibility to build teams regardless of language. With Unbabel and Zendesk, businesses can support customers across most modern messaging channels in multiple languages.

“We believe language is the way to create universal understanding between cultures, companies, and customers around the world and the newest integration with Zendesk messaging is another step toward this goal,” said Vasco Pedro, Co-Founder and CEO of Unbabel. “This integration results in a valuable business tool that’s easy for anyone to use and allows agents to work across Zendesk channels to instantly translate any conversation without being restricted to the channel in which the customer initially made contact.”

To experience the new translation functionality for omnichannel messaging, businesses should have an account with Zendesk Suite and have the Team plan tier subscription or higher. They will also need the Agent Workspace enabled by the system administrator and have at least one Chat-enabled agent. On release, four Unbabel translation integrations will be available to Zendesk users: through Chat, Support, Guide, and Agent Workspace.