Vonage Releases Interactive Broadcast With Experience Composer


Vonage can now support events with up to 15,000 participants interacting in real-time

Vonage has launched an Interactive Broadcast with Experience Composer, the latest feature of its video API. Interactive Broadcast with Experience Composer allows users to have a more interactive and customisable virtual event. The CPaaS provider, Vonage, can now support events with up to 15,000 participants interacting in real-time. Previously, its multiparty video had a maximum capacity of 5,000.

The software allows for programmable video streams, overlays, real-time audience interaction (chats, emojis, etc.), and application UX elements. When the composer settings have been programmed, the session can be broadcast to live audiences and recorded for future playback.

“Virtual events and experiences have grown and expanded rapidly to meet customer expectations and now there is a strong demand to capture these rich experiences and customer engagements for use on-demand. Imagine a distributed group of scientists, physicians or product designers, explaining a new idea using simulations, feedback tools, chat and whiteboards, in addition to videos of the speakers, and wanting to easily share all of these elements with tens of thousands of engaged audiences members. Vonage Interactive Broadcast with Experience Composer does that,” said Savinay Berry, EVP, Product and Engineering, Vonage.

Interactive Broadcast also offers low-latency HLS streaming to unlimited viewers and social media streaming via Facebook Live, YouTube Live, Twitch.tv, and others. Four use cases of this technology pointed to by Vonage are events, healthcare, education, and collaboration. Vonage is currently exhibiting at Enterprise Connect, as well as being involved in several sessions.