Why is PostNord Finland Building a Network of Parcel Lockers?


PostNord’s latest answer to these expectations are Lähiboksi parcel lockers. Placed outdoors close to homes and open 24 hours a day, it offers parcel pick-up with contactless ease

After a successful pilot of SwipBox parcel lockers, PostNord Finland are set to roll out their outdoor parcel locker network across the country.

The pilot showed that the SwipBox Infinity parcel lockers were resilient to the weather and that customers found them extremely easy to use.

The Infinity lockers will join an existing indoor, SwipBox Classic parcel locker network across Finland, which has been in operation since 2018.

”With the success of our existing network in mind, it was natural for us to look to SwipBox for an outdoor solution that could provide increased convenience for our end users. Not only does an outdoor network allow us to offer 24/7 access in convenient locations. With Infinity we also get a parcel locker that is extremely flexible and easily can be moved around to meet changing needs in our OOH network,” PostNord Finland CEO, Johanna Starck, said. “And at the end of day, flexibility is one of the most important features in today’s market – because if we don’t meet customers’ needs, we won’t have any business,” she concludes.

“It’s always interesting to observe people’s behaviour when they’re introduced to a new product. Although we were confident that the Finnish end users would embrace this purely app-operated parcel locker, we’re of course happy to see the high level of satisfaction with it. We believe this is the way forward and are happy that customers all over the world agree,” SwipBox CCO Kasper Cort said.

Initially the PostNord, SwipBox Infinity parcel network will only serve PostNord Finland there are plans to open it up to other carriers as well. This is thanks to the Infinity software and ecosystem that allows more carriers to use the same parcel locker.