Yoti Becomes First Digital ID Provider For Right To Rent Scheme


Digital ID company, Yoti, has been named as the first certified Identity Services Provider (IDSP) to aid landlords to verify their tenants remotely and securely as part of the Home Office’s Right to Rent scheme, which seeks to control and prevent illegal immigration.

In partnership with the Post Office, Yoti’s digital ID application promises to simplify and speed up the process of checking the credentials and rights of citizens to live and work in the UK without the need to rely on physical documents and mitigates the risk and labor time of dealing with fraudulent paperwork.

The legislation was initially passed on 6 April to streamline physical document checks using the Identity Document Validation Technology. With two Government-approved services now at the disposal of landlords, the future looks set to become increasingly digital-only, although in the future checks will still be made available through Post Office branches.

A prototype guide to digital identity policy reform, the Home Office (DBS) and Department for Digital, Culture, Media & Sport (DCMS) released the UK Digital Identity and Attributes Trust Framework in February 2021 which has since been revised by industries, services and organizations begin to be enacted and finalized in 2022.

The Government’s action to overhaul physical identity checks was affected after positive feedback about Right To Work and Right To Rent checks continuing remotely throughout the pandemic.

John Abbott, Chief Commercial Officer at Yoti, said: “Certification under the Digital Identity and Attributes Trust Framework represents the gold standard of Digital Identity service provision with security and privacy prioritized, meaning clients have no concerns about GDPR”.