Zenvia Acquires Movidesk 


This transaction adds a best-in-class customer service tool to ZENVIA’s platform, consolidating its position as a leading unified end-to-end CX SaaS platform in Latin America.

Zenvia, the cloud-based CX communications platform in Latin America empowering companies to transform their existing communications with end customers along their life cycle, announced the closing of the Movidesk acquisition.

“This transaction concludes a series of acquisitions performed by Zenvia in the last 18 months, including D1 and SenseData, which will enable us to consolidate our position as a unified end-to-end CX SaaS platform. Movidesk will play a key role in this consolidation. We are looking forward to welcoming the Movidesk team to our world of Humanz” explained Cassio Bobsin, Zenvia’s CEO.

“Movidesk is continuously driven by a sense of uniting people with cutting-edge technological solutions to deliver the best tools, and especially experiences that exceed expectations. With Zenvia, we can significantly ramp up our capacity and ability to provide enhanced communication through a customer service capable of answering questions about products and services, and a qualified service desk that addresses brand-related system issues,” added Donisete Gomes, Movidesk’s CEO.

Founded in 2016, Movidesk focuses on customer service solutions to define workflows, provide integration with communication channels, and monitor tickets through dashboards and reports, offering a fully-fledged end-to-end support platform. According to the B2B Stack portal, the company is positioned as the best customer service software for medium-sized companies in Brazil.

For 2021, Movidesk revenues expanded 96% to R$33 million, while gross margin was approximately 70%. Currently it has 2,500 clients and its Annual Recurring Revenue (ARR) stands at R$46 million. Movidesk numbers will be consolidated as of May 2022 and are already incorporated into Zenvia´s 2022 earnings guidance.

The payment conditions include a cash disbursement of R$296 million on the closing date and an earn-out structure based on the fulfilling of gross margin targets until the third quarter of 2023, which is estimated at approximately R$320 million to be paid in December 2023. Movidesk’s CEO and former controlling shareholder, Donisete Gomes, and key executives have also received 315,820 Zenvia Class A shares, subject to a lock-up period. According to Zenvia’s M&A model, Donisete will also remain as head of Movidesk operations along with his team.