Five Times CX Won


Get to know the brands that made good use of CX, and won

Many companies worldwide have fantastic products but is that enough? Not anymore. If their customer experience (CX) ends up being unreliable and unhelpful, they will lose customers. According to a survey by Statista, 40% of customers stated they stopped doing business with a company due to poor customer service.

It is critical to take note that good customer service and immersive product exploration are two of the most important things for running a successful business. However, what does it mean to provide great CX, and how can you ensure that every client is happy with the company’s actions when they reach out for help?

The following are examples of brands where CX has won its clients’ hearts.

Redbull and its support bot to solve problems at any given time

Austrian energy drink company RedBull has a convenient support bot called Red Bull Assistant that helps clients find the information they’re looking for, or connect them to the right person at Red Bull at any given hour. All clients need to go to the RedBull site, and begin a discussion with the Assistant.

Furthermore, the company also has several links to resources such as the RedBull content pool, merchandise and gear, information about the company’s athletes, culture and innovation, and details of various RedBull events happening worldwide on the website. 

Apart from CX, the company also has a free loyalty program called The Oracle Red Bull Racing Paddock, which is designed to reward the company’s fans. By completing activities, fans earn points that can be redeemed against a range of rewards. Points are also used to level up through the tiers giving fans access to greater rewards. Some of the rewards are: Sweepstakes, meet and greet, partner products, member benefits, and discount codes.

Discuss handbags to sneakers at Gucci’s call centers

In 2019, the Italian luxury brand Gucci opened six call centers in cities like Florence and Shanghai. The brand hired approximately 500 people to reinvent the traditional assistant for the smartphone age. According to multiple reports online, Gucci’s call centers were intended to cater to shoppers wanting to discuss anything starting from a $5000 handbag or a $2000 pair of sneakers via email, live chat, or phone — anywhere around the world. 

This initiative was impressive considering the rapid changes in consumer habits. Gucci’s CEO, Marco Bizzarri, said : “We have many, many customers, so [the stores] are quite crowded.”

“One of the problems that we face is that someone calling the shops was not able to get an answer because everybody was busy,” he added. “[With the help of our call centers], we are able to serve and to answer quicker, to give a better service.” 

The brand and its owners have also ensured  that the staff they hired for these call centers are fluent in eight different languages across all platforms.

Chanel’s attempt at personalization

In 2019, Chanel opened its unique Atelier Beauté showroom, where clients can explore different avenues regarding the brand’s cosmetics, state-of-the-art skincare, and perfumes. In an attempt to enhance customers’ in-store shopping experience, the brand uses tech and CX to personalize everything for a client. 

To ensure each person is getting a product for their skin type,  two skin services are offered at the atelier.The first is Complete Your Routine for people who have a skincare schedule, and the second is Create Your Routine for those searching for a complete new routine.

Both include samples to take home, plus a guide on when to use each product, with instructions. The skin service begins with a discussion about the client’s current skincare schedule, and as the expert learns about their lifestyle, skin type, needs, and concerns, they build a customized regimen . The atelier additionally offers a choice of permanent workshops, which urges visitors to discover and play with the line’s beauty offerings in an open studio, either alone or led by a specialist. Likewise, they can  book a complete  assistance lesson with one of Chanel’s artists-in-residence.

The Ritz-Carlton Hotel Company and its employee engagement metric

The hotel company, which operates luxury hotels and five-star resorts worldwide, has been known for its spectacular customer service for as long as one can remember. The secret behind the company’s top-notch service is  its Gold Standards,  established from its outset.

First and foremost, the company invests a lot in its staff’s coaching. Every employee has to complete at least 250 hours of training each year. 

Ritz-Carlton also uses Gallup’s employee engagement metric to evaluate each staff member’s engagement in the organization. Statements such as “I know what is expected of me at work, and “at work, my opinions seem to count” help the company measure the commitment level of its workforce. These statements reveal how each team member genuinely feels, which ends up helping in delivering good customer service.

The company also has a rock-solid system With 91 properties around the world. All properties have a strong need to ensure their best practices are spread companywide. Therefore, if, for example, an employee from their Paris hotel comes up with a more effective way to manage front desk staffing for busiest check-in times, it only makes sense to consider that approach when the same challenge comes up at a hotel in Italy.

All of the above practices help the staff deliver the best customer service for their clients.

KBC’s Kate (Digital Assistant)

In 2020, Belgium’s banking giant KBC revealed its plans for a digital assistant called Kate, which provides customers with personalized banking advice and other services. KBC’s CEO Johan Thijs said : “​​Kate is more than a chatbot. You can say that it is the brain of a baby today, but the idea is that she becomes a beautiful young lady.”

“The vision of the bank is that one day, they can avoid customers asking questions, while instead, they anticipate the customer’s needs based on all the data available,” he added. 

Using tech to enhance customer service, the company has found a way through innovation to provide a very profitable solution to its clients. 

Innovative ways to provide customer service are essential for  businesses worldwide. By finding top-notch and creative ways to assist clients, businesses recoup customer acquisition costs and develop a loyal following that refers customers, and provides testimonials and five-star reviews.

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