World Martech Council Announced as Exclusive Community of Peers


World Martech Council is the world’s first invitation-only network for senior marketing and technology leaders.

Members are nominated or selected based on their vast experience, deep industry knowledge and commitment to adopt technology in marketing. They are top executives at decision-making levels who believe in advancing innovation in marketing.

Members of the Council are recognised by three key values recognition, network, and knowledge. World Martech Council operates In association with media publications Martechvibe and CXM Today, several others are expected to join.

The MarTech landscape is on the brink of change with solutions consolidating, and enterprises reprioritising their tech stacks. The solutions focus on building customer-centric strategies that can be scaled up and allow teams to stay flexible. In this evolving scenario, marketers come together to build the discourse around how data, privacy, personalisation and automation helps brands deliver a better customer experience. Through this shared knowledge, companies stand to add more value to their relationships with consumers and stay ahead of the curve against the competition.

Council members have early access to exclusive research, reports and whitepapers. They also enjoy in-person networking and special offers from solution partners.

Members lead discussions on emerging technology and future marketing strategies on the exclusive LinkedIn Group. Click here to join.