Accenture & Sitecore Enhance Partnership


Accenture and Sitecore are enhancing their business partnership to help organizations accelerate their response to market changes and better meet customers’ evolving demands across content, experience, and commerce. 

“Ninety-five percent of executives globally are reporting their customers’ lives are changing faster than their businesses can. As a result, organizations are fundamentally rethinking what products and services they offer, how they operate their businesses and how they interact with their customers,” said Bob Markham, lead, North America, Accenture Song. “To remain relevant, companies must be able to react to customer needs quickly, creating compelling, agile digital experiences. Through our strategic partnership with Sitecore, we are even better positioned to help our clients design, deliver and optimize digital experiences across the entire customer lifecycle.” 

Accenture and Sitecore have a long history of joint success, collaborating on more than 250 engagements in 21 countries for clients across industries, including CNH Industrial and Iveco Group. Together, the companies can help clients build relevant digital experiences by leveraging Accenture Song’s creative, technology and industry expertise and Sitecore’s cloud-based digital experience management software. 

“The use of Sitecore – coupled with the strategic support from Accenture – will allow us to standardize the technology stack of our websites, offering a single solution that can handle the complexity dictated by the different needs of the Group,” said Fabio Ricciato, ICT Head of Customer Journey and Digital Architecture, Iveco Group. “In addition, the adoption of Sitecore has enabled us to improve digital experience, to leverage a modern stack, and to provide better autonomy to corporate users who see their ability to interact and update editorial content facilitated.” 

Steve Tzikakis, CEO of Sitecore, said, “As the next generation of internet unfolds, customers’ expectations for end-to-end, integrated, tailored experiences based on a deep understanding of their needs — a strategic strength of traditional partners — are increasing. To thrive in this new era, companies need to be able to operate in a state of always-on innovation and adapt to the ever-evolving needs of their customers. Our business partnership with Accenture brings us closer to the world’s largest and most sophisticated brands and will expand their ability to quickly design, launch, and scale relevant experiences that unlock growth. The collaboration will further expand our ability to help clients create meaningful and interactive engagements for our clients on a larger scale.”