CGS Releases Enterprise-Ready AR Training And Collaboration Solution


CGS, a provider of business applications, enterprise learning and outsourcing services, announced the worldwide launch and availability of its enhanced, patented TeamworkAR™ platform – an augmented reality solution designed for out-of-the box use by enterprise organizations.

Amid the continued pandemic disruption, companies evolved much of their customer service strategy to address heightened consumer needs; some accelerating the implementation of technology support as an option. Our recent research found that 35% of workers said they need or desire technology/tools training. As businesses continue to have a dispersed workforce in which employees remain remote or are in a hybrid situation, learning and development (L&D) and customer experience (CX) have become critical to business survival.

“With the AR tooling, our technicians have increased hands-on experience and retention that provides an improved service delivery performance,” said Brian Osborne, client delivery executive at Toshiba Global Commerce Solutions. Toshiba implemented TeamworkAR solution in 2020.

Disrupting traditional training methods to transform CX

A Centre for Economic Research study found that teams that used AR saw a 60 percent increase in learning effectiveness and 150 percent better performance than teams using paper-based training materials. Implementing AR for field service organizations will enable businesses to upskill, retain and cultivate award-winning customer experience programs and talent.

“If you’ve worked in field services, it’s safe to say you’ve experienced ineffective training that hasn’t prepared you for the real-world job,” said Steven Petruk, president, Global Outsourcing division, CGS. “It is not just frustrating; it can be potentially unsafe for technicians or representatives, and it produces a less-than-quality customer experience when it comes to resolving issues.”

Next step in CX – Drive ROI for Field Services

A majority (53.5%) of respondents to our latest AR survey said that use of remote or guided repair, service, maintenance technology is the “new normal” for field service. Additionally, 58% expect to increase investment in technologies for this service.

TeamworkAR’s patented, collaboration-forward interface allows for field service connection and functionality. TeamworkAR helps companies benefit from the latest features:

Enhancing training with a collaboration-forward interface: interact with 3D annotation

Elevating customer experience through remote trouble shooting – increasing first-time problem resolution, reducing support calls, costs and no fault found, while enhancing customer experience (CX) and net promoter score (NPS)

Collaborating made easier and more dynamic – place and interact with a digital twin technology model.

“Industry leaders adopting technology such as TeamworkAR will be ready to meet the pace of change in the coming years and set themselves up for operational excellence,” said Doug Stephen, president, Enterprise Learning and TeamworkAR™ divisions, CGS. “We are seeing the future of business in the hands of many of our clients and their employees who are using the solution. Leaders can experience the power these technologies can have on their teams. Empowering workforces with a collaborative tool like TeamworkAR can open up endless possibilities and game-changing growth potential.”