Co-op Expands Tech-Recirculation Trials


Convenience store chain Co-op is expanding its tech-recirculation trials enabling consumers to cut e-waste and raise cash by unlocking value in old and unwanted devices.

Co-op is again partnering with Spring for the expanded service which sees Spring’s high tech kiosk-style ‘Pods’ in store, enabling shoppers to quickly, easily and conveniently sell their old devices such as phones, tablets, e-readers and smartwatches, which then get repaired, refurbished, reused, or recycled.

Spring’s Pods accept almost 14,000 different devices and customers receive payment to their Spring account within 1-3 days. The money can be simply transferred to a bank account or to charity.

Where devices cannot be re-used, Spring will ensure all components – which include materials such as: gold; copper; aluminium and, steel – are recycled.