Hived Partners With Metapack To Provide Retailers with Zero-Emission Delivery


Hived has joined Metapack’s delivery manager platform, enabling UK retailers to offer their consumers “zero-emission delivery at affordable prices.”

According to the parcel delivery service, Hived has redeveloped the process of getting a parcel from the warehouse to the front door “from the ground up.”

With a 100% electrified fleet, nationwide collection, and same-day, next-day and two-day delivery options, Hived is offering a decarbonised alternative.

Today, freight and deliveries account for a quarter of London’s total carbon emissions from transport. With the explosion in parcel volume due to the rise of ecommerce, the number of parcels delivered in London is expected to double by 2030.

“Hived was founded to reinvent the parcel industry with tech, data, vertical integration and process innovation,” Hived chief executive and co-founder Murvah Iqbal said.

“Since our first deliveries in December 2020, we’ve saved thousands of tonnes of carbon emissions and are working with hundreds of major retailers.”

Metapack strategic partnership director David Randall added: “As consumers become more aware of the carbon footprint of their deliveries, it’s now more important than ever for retailers to consider offering more sustainable delivery options.”

“Our research recently revealed that almost 75% of online shoppers would consider measures to make deliveries more sustainable.

“We’re thrilled to have Hived join our Delivery Manager platform, as we look to provide more retailers with the opportunity to implement zero-emission deliveries.”