Colgate Trials Tech For Real-time Ad Testing in Mobile Shopping


Eye Square, a Berlin-based market research agency renowned for its analysis of implicit customer reactions and innovative ad testing solutions, announced that Colgate-Palmolive successfully used its new Mobile Ad-to-Cart solution to launch its Keep manual toothbrush.

Colgate-Palmolive analyzed the effectiveness of mobile eCommerce advertisements by simulating the user’s journey from advertisement to shopping cart, using Eye Square’s in-context testing to assess the impact of each advertisement on the viewer’s basic perceptions, or System 0.

Eye Square’s Mobile Ad-to-Cart solution presents advertisements within the live context of platforms including Amazon, Facebook, Instagram and YouTube. The user is then instructed to simulate a purchase in the ad category they were exposed to, followed by a questionnaire to assess its effectiveness. The comprehensive technology combines the explicit and implicit reactions of the user with their immediate perceptions, providing a set of beneficial behavioral shopping metrics to inform campaign refinements.

“Today’s consumers are inundated with messages and content. Most advertisements only hold the viewer’s attention for a few seconds or less,” said Helen Wolf, insights lead for Colgate-Palmolive’s North America Innovation Accelerator. “Our research with Eye Square enabled us to measure consumer behavior and the reasoning behind their choices. Deploying in-context advertisements on platforms like Instagram and Facebook allowed us to understand what makes a message successful in each medium and tailor our collateral accordingly.”

Eye Square offers the ability to test advertisements in the context of live eCommerce websites and social media platforms. The company’s ad tech solutions can be deployed on desktop and mobile devices. The new Mobile Ad-to-Cart offering combines behavioral tracking data with detailed survey responses to provide a comprehensive picture of the ad’s influence on customer decision-making in the increasingly important eCommerce domain.

“Traditional market research methods have proven insufficient to understand our most immediate and fundamental human reactions,” said Ephraim (Jeff) Bander, Head of the US at Eye Square. “By focusing on perceptions and System 0, Eye Square’s Mobile Ad-to-Cart Solution looks beyond reason and emotion to identify the instant impression an advertisement makes on the viewer. Our partnership with Colgate-Palmolive demonstrated the long-term potential of this type of testing, with data-backed insights helping to drive improved and empowered business outcomes for eCommerce campaigns.”